Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy October! The 2nd Annual Eastern Nebraska Hook-In was held at the YMCA in Valley on Friday. It was a great success and many thanks are owed to all who helped with the event and planning. There were about 140 people in attendance. Thanks to the great vendors who were there, the teachers who put on the mini-classes and all who participated in the rug show and rug contest. Kathleen Salak and Deb Owen did their usual fantastic job of setting up and organizing the rug show and contest. This year's winner of the Santa Rug Contest and winner of a $50 gift certificate to The Rug Hooking Store at Black Horse Antiques in Valley, NE was Susan Benson of Elkhorn, NE.
Congratulations Susan!

Carl and Ken in the kitchen are to be commended for keeping the refreshments coming and the coffee pot on! Dori and Dave Herek did a wonderful job on lunch. The Valley Girls provided the desserts and they were enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone for your help.

Artist Tricia Hollins of Metro Tech taught a great class on the color wheel, rug designer Jan Hall taught a class on embellishment. Jan Goos color planned a rug from my wool at The Rug Hooking Store and the day was topped off by masseuse Greg Norton, who taught a mini-class on massage for tired necks, shoulders and arms. Greg stayed around and gave massages to an ever growing list of tired rug hookers. It was great!

We are already looking forward to next year's hook-in. What should the rug contest be for next year? Email me your ideas at

See you soon.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I had to throw this picture on the blog today. It is a new color called AVOCADO and the picture really depicts the true color and mottling.

I know that I promised to show off Jane's Anniversary rug, but I will be done with it in a few days, so I might as well wait now to take the picture.

I have been updating the website. It is a good time to check out the Newsletter page, "Who's Hooked" this month, featuring rug artist Tammy Pavich and the Hook-In information. The flier has gone out for the October 9 Hook-In at the YMCA in Valley, Nebraska. Now the flier is on my website as well. Just look at the toolbar at the top of any page and click on 'Hook-In'.

The Newton Iowa Hook-In will be here before we know it. September 12, Saturday, is the date for their big event. It is always a fun day. Hope to see you there.


Monday, August 24, 2009

I have been remiss in my blogging and apologize for such delinquency! I have been finishing our new grandson Lennox's baby rug and it is finally done. I drew the design and included an ox since baby Lennox was born in the year of the ox. I put pigs in his big brother Smith's rug for the same reason.
Now on to a 50th Anniversary present for one of our Friday hookers, Jane Scott. I find it completely amazing that anyone could remain married for 50 here is to Jane and her husband Scotty! Jane picked the Karen Kahle pattern and the colors that would go in her house. She left the rest up to me. I will get a picture of the work in progress and blog it tomorrow. I started last Thursday and am moving right along. Her anniversary is Sept. 5th and I would like to get it done it time.

Time to remind everyone about the Eastern Nebraska Hook-In on Friday October 9th at the YMCA in Valley. The fliers will go out September 1, but I will tell you all about the interesting teachers we have found for the mini-classes in the next few days.

Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well, it's done, the tulip fraktur rug that I started in the Jan Goos Workshop. This is a design by Red Salt Box, based on an antique fraktur design. Frakturs are hand painted folk art, of Pennsylvania Dutch origin. They would commemorate a special event like a birth or wedding, by painting the information with these very stylized designs. Birds, tulips, hex signs and other traditional Pennsylvania Dutch art forms are typically used.

This was an exciting rug to color plan and proved to be a little challenging. Jan Goos picked the warm, rich colors, but we had to make changes and adaptations along the way. This rug proved to be a great discussion piece. Kathleen Salak, Lou Ann Ayres and Sandy Weller all made suggestions. I NEVER reverse hook and I rehooked the circular flowers I called the 'peppermints' at least 4 different ways. I finally decided on the brightest gold from the flower pot for the peppermints and the beauty line, to help draw the vibrant gold up and balance it thru out the rug. I added sparks (or kisses, as Jan calls them) to the tulip, to help give it a touch of pot color as well. For a spark, you can hand trim or take a thin remnant strip and hook just 2 or 3 or more loops to bring that color to an area that needs a little lift. That was one of many great tips Jan taught us in the class.

Those of you who come to the store will recognize the names of many of the colors used in the rug. The red is Mr. Lincoln and Pepperberry. The golds are Poughkeepse, Yarrow and Maple.
The peppermint is Maple and Down by the Sea blue. The blues are grease monkey, Down by the Sea and Jack Boy Blue. The background is at least 5 different pieces of Dark Brown Sugar.
Jan Goos loves all the brown sugar variations and you see them in many of her rugs.

This rug will hang on my kitchen wall. I can hardly wait to see it in it's spot! Thanks Jan Goos!
It was a great workshop and I learned a lot of interesting and challenging things as well.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am back from the Hook-Out in Milford and we had a great time. Judy Roth and her crew were great hosts. We had a great day of eating and hooking! The rain kept us inside, but we got to be creative about displaying wool. I had a bedroom and bathroom for my display area and we found that patterns hang beautifully over the shower door. We piled wool into every nook and cranny. Thank you Judy for accommodating us. Sandy was with me to help all day and I could not have done it without her.

Tammy Rice of Red Rocket Rugs was there selling her treasures. I put in a big order for patterns. They should be in the store in the next week or so. Patty Hoffmeyer and Terri Bangert stopped by to say hi and got their picture taken.

Lou Anne and Tammy came from our regular Friday hooking group and stayed to help us pack up. What great ladies they are. Thanks for all your help and support, as usual.

Tomorrow I will be dyeing. There are so many low stacks on the shelves. I will include some
"Hot from the pot" pictures.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hook-Out June 12 in Milford

I am packing up wool to attend the first ever Hook-Out at The Gatherings on the Blue, Judy Roth's new location in Milford.
The hook-out goes from 9-3. Take I-80 west to the Seward exit, turn south and go 8 miles. There will be signs, it is not hard to find.

Check back tomorrow. I got a new camera and will try taking some photos of the festivities to add to my blog.

Till then,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Here is the rug I have been working on this month......made for our 11th anniversary and FINISHED in time for Carl’s birthday. Do you remember The New Christy Minstrels? Well, you have to be pretty old to remember them, they were popular in the 60’s and 70’s and played folk music. They had a wonderful song based on a civil war folk tune, called “Jimmy Grove and Barbara Ellen”. Jimmy Grove is killed in the war, his true lo

ve, Barbara Ellen dies of a broken heart and they bury her beside him.

“And from her grave grew a red, red, rose and from his grave a fragrant briar.

They grew to the top of the old white church, to the very top of the steeple spier, they twined and tied in a true love knot, the red, red, rose around the briar.

If you have loved with a love that is true, you must believe the tale I’m telling.

True love will last to the end of time for Jimmy Grove and Barbara Ellen.”

I have always loved this song and decided it should be a rug. And I would make it for Carl. So, his initials are in one pot and mine in the other. And all thru the rug are hidden symbols, hearts, rings, flowers. There is a horseshoe, because historically horseshoes were put in wedding rugs for good luck AND of course, because we have horses. There is a pot of flowers because for 37 weeks when we started dating, Carl had flowers sent to the store every Thursday. I finally had to put a stop to that! And there is a coffee cup.....because I get breakfast in bed every Sunday morning.

The rug is 37in by 72in and there is a perfect spot for it in a spare bedroom. I will write out the song lyrics and sew them to the back of the rug, so someone in the future might understand what the rug means. I love this rug, it was fun to design, to draw and to hook. And it is fun to tell it’s story.

And no, Carl is NOT available!

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Until next time,